Member Services

This site currently provides members with the following services:

  • Forums
  • Articles
  • News
  • Feedback
  • Contact

Additional services may be offered in the future based on member requests and feedback.  When are services are expanded, we will update this page.

Please remember that the site is new and that there is a limited amount of content on the site at this time. We invite all members to actively add content to the site.


The site provides many Forums for member discussion. A forum may be thought of as a general area of interest, such as "AA - Steps", "Building Bridges (Incusiveness)", or "Sobriety Tips". Within each Forum are a number of posts called Forum Topics. Each post has a subject and details of the post. Other members may add comments to the post.

A common form of post is a posting of a members opinion of an article from another website, with a link to that article. Thus, a member will be able to obtain information from a number of different sources by going to a selected Forum.

An unlimited number of Forums can be created. 

Post are visible to members only.


Articles on this site are normally restricted to items of specific interest to openAAminds members in particular rather than to any general AA community. We have no desire to duplicate the wonderful effort of many sites including, but not limited to,, AA Agnostica, AA Beyond Belief, Secular AA and AA Grapevine . We intend to monitor these sites and post Forum Topics with links to their articles and other content as outlined in the section on Forums above.

Articles are normally published by the Publisher, but Members may submit articles for consideration. Members who submit articles that are not published are free to post the topic to a Forum (see above) without the consent of the Publisher.

Articles are visible to members only.


The Publisher will post news of interest to Members.

News items are visible to members only.


In addition to posting Forum Topics, Members may add comments to Forum Topics, News Items and Articles.

The Publisher has the ability to create a survey on any controversial issue.  Before services are altered significantly or new services are added, it will be the normal practice of  the Publisher to survey all members, to report the results and to act in accordance with the results. 


There is a sophisticated system in place to permit member contact that is outlined in Contacting Each Other.