Site Organization

This site shall be controlled by the members. Initially it will be controlled by COTU Bill. but a process for transferring control is outlined below.


The site shall offer any service requested by the members.


The Administrator is responsible for the technical operation of the site including methods to protect the anonymity of members and the security of the site. The Administrator shall ensure that no content or comment entered by a member is exposed to the public.

The Publisher is responsible for the publication of any content which might be exposed to the public.

The Editor is responsible for the production of content which is potentially public-facing. Initially this includes site pages, news items, and articles.

As far as possible, the site shall not form any committees and shall only do so at the direction of the membership.

Member Control of Site

Control of this site by the membership shall be by on-line issue vote. Any issue materially affecting the this site shall be put to the members in the form of an on-site vote. Voting will take place every three months if there is an issue or issues to be resolved. Any issue to be presented to the members shall be posted as soon as possible. Members shall be allowed a two week period to vote.

Issues to be presented at a vote shall be outlined in detail in an article, allowing members to provide feedback prior to voting.

Hosting Provider

This site may not be hosted by a provider who might change the functionality of the site because it may conflict with our requirements for anonymity and security.  The site shall be constructed in such a way that it can be moved to another host should the terms of use of the current host conflict with our requirements for anonymity and security.

Transition From COTU Bill

This site is funded by COTU Bill until August 9th, 2019 and he will fund the site for an additional year at the end of the current funding. As soon as practicable but not later than May 1, 2019, the membership shall vote on Administrator, Publisher, and Editor. The initial vote presented to the membership will address the issues of voting procedure and terms.