Contacting Each Other


OpenAAminds is not a social website; that service is provided by many sites, most notably Facebook. We do, however, want to make sure that our members can contact each other but only in a manner which protects their privacy. Once they have established contact, members can agree to connect the social platform of their choice if they want.

The method we use for contacting each other is private messages.

Private Messages

Private messages are communications between two or a small group of members. These are used for small communications between members. A common use of a private message is to make a personal comment to the author of a post. Instead of adding a comment to the post, which clutters up the comment stream with personal stuff, a private message to the author will convey your personal feedback more efficiently.

Private messages have the advantage that they are very easy to use and do not use email that might convey your email to another memeber. The main disadvantage of private messages is that they do not provide formatting (while you may enter the message with paragraphs, the message system strips them out leaving all the text in a single paragraph.

 Message Threads

A thread (series of messages) is created for each combination of users. For instance, if you message userb, a thread is set up for you and userb. Any messages between the two of you will automatically be added to this thread. A thread may include several users, in which case, the messages from any of the users on the thread will appear in order.

The link "delete thread" that appears at the top of the thread display (see below) is not well-named. It might be more descriptive if it said "clear thread". What this action does is prevent the display of the thread messages that are currently displayed from being shown to you in the future. The other members on the thread will continue to see those messages until they decide to delete them.

 Messages Page

From the Member Quick Links menu, click Messages and the messages page will open up and display the thread that was most recently active. If you have no active threads, the page will simply display that you have no messages. This page will look something like this:

Page image

Your inbox will display on the right of the page (see below) listing the threads that you have active (oldest listed first). Click on a thread to display it. You can add a message to the thread using the form at the bottom of the thread.

Sending A Message To Another Member

 Messages may be created in several ways but the easiest way is to go to the profile page of the member you wish to contact. Just under the avatar or picture of the member is a link to send a message:


This will transfer you to the Private Messages page (as shown above) and automatically open the thread with the member you are contacting or create a thread if you have not previously contacted the member. Fill in the message, and press save.

A private message link can also be found at:

  • At the top of your inbox (see below)
  • From any post, use the "Send private message to author" link located just below the post and above the comments on the post.

Sending A Message To Multiple Members

At the top of your inbox on the Private Messages page you will see the link to create a message:


When you use this link, a form will open up to create a thread with one or more members. The form looks like this:


In the To: field, enter any part of the username of the member you wish to send to and a list of members will appear below for you to select your choice; repeat for additional members. Enter your message, and press Save.

Enabling/Disabling Email Notification

You can have the system send you an email whenever you receive a new message by enabling email notification. When you first create your account notification is enabled. You can change this setting by changing your profile. See Managing Your Account (link) for details on profile management. You can change this setting at any time.


We are hoping that abuse is not a problem but have several options on how to deal with it if it should occur. Kindly report any abuse to the administrator using the contact link at the bottom of this page. We will shortly be detailing all methods for controlling abuse.