Creating Your Account

Look First

Visitor Quick Links is a menu that will appear on your left if you are using a PC and on top of this page if you are using a mobile device. If you have not already done so, read the information in the order it appears on the menu:

  • Our Secular AA Concept explains our understanding of the secular and how we see it in relation to AA.
  • Site Organization explains how we plan to have the members control this site.
  • Anonymity and Security outlines the security methods we employ to protect your anonymity.
  • Member Services outlines the services we currently provide.

If you qualify, think you like our services, and are comfortable with anonymity and security, then you are ready to proceed.

Wait. What If I Don't Like It?

Any member can cancel his or her account at any time. When an account is cancelled, the user is completely removed from the system and anything that member contributed is marked "Anonymous." Once this is done, it cannot be recovered. Details on account cancellation are available in the member menu when you log in as a member.

Creating Your Account

Click the Create My Account button below and you be taken to the Account Creation form. You will have to provide the following:

  • Email address
  • Username
  • A.A. name
  • Home group
  • Group location
  • Nearby city

With the exception of your email address (See Anonymity and Security), this information will be available to other members.

People may prefer to make their user name the same as their A.A. name, but you may not be the only Joe C. or Mary S. who is a member.  You may use any username you wish such as "12 Stepper" or "Meeting Momma" or "City Guy" just as long as no other member is using it. Your A.A. name does not have to be unique, we may have 20 Mike S's but they will each have a separate username.

Home group is self explanatory. The group location should be in the form of Town, XX where XX is the state or province.  We ask for the nearest city so others will have some idea of your approximate location.

So, if you're ready, press the button below:

Create My Account